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2017  Symposium

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Mood:

From Well Being to Disorders

Brussels, October 27-29 2017

Direction : Alban de Kerchove d’Exaerde (ULB-UNI)

et Marina Picciotto (Yale U.)

Morten Kringelbach Oxford U., UK

Joseph Ledoux NYU, USA

Christian Luscher U. Genève , Switzerland

Andreas Luthi Basel U., Switzerland

Steve F. Maier Colorado U., USA

Peggy Mason Chicago U., USA

Helen Mayberg Emory University School of Medecine, USA

Hitoshi Okamoto Riken Brain sc.Inst., Japan

Kerry J Ressler Harvard Medical School, USA

Trevor Robbins Cambridge U., UK

Scott Russo Mount Sinaï U., USA

Dana Small Yale School of Medecine

Garret Stuber North Carolina U., USA

Leslie Vosshall The Rockefeller U., USA


Activities and research Areas

The Jean-Marie Delwart Foundation has been created in 1989 for the Study of Biochemical Communication and Evolution in Plants, Animals and Man.

The Jean-Marie Delwart Foundation awards every two years an International Prize of $10.000 in amount. The prizes have received the patronage of the Académie Royale des Sciences de Belgique (see Rules).

Behaviour and Communication must be understood in a broad sesne, from integrative levels (e.g.,Anthropology, Sociology, Economics, Social Psychology, Ecology...) to reductionist levels (e.g., Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology,...), including intermediate levels (Organismic Physiology, in particular Neurobiology).

An evolutionary or historical perspective is wanted. Interdisciplinary dialogues are encouraged.

The specific topic of the Symposium and of the Prize of the Jean-Marie Delwart Foundation will be specified at each new announcement. Symposium and Prize will have smilir topics.

The Jean-Marie Delwart Foundation organizes International Meetings in the fields of animal & human behaviour research and especially in chemical communication.

The Jean-Marie Delwart Foundation may eventually offer support to favour scientific stays or travels of pre- or post-doctoral belgian students abroad or of foreign students wishinto specialize in Belgium.

These Symposiums and Awards, the name of the winners are announced on the website of the Jean-Marie Delwart Foundation, in specialized scientific Journals, on specialized web sites also.

The Jean-Marie Delwart Foundation sponsors the Silver Medal Award of the International Society of Chemical Ecology


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